New Works, Solo Exhibition

Linton and Kay Gallery

5-27 September, Subiaco, WA

Min-Woo Bang's forthcoming exhibition, "Natural Impact", is a highlight at Wagner Contemporary this year. In his new body of work, the artist expresses an emotional and visual response to recent and naturally occurring events: Australia's bushfires and the pandemic. 

In each landscape, Australia’s vast and expansive skies are a vehicle for expression, gently absorbing, reflecting and interpreting the intensities and energies in flux below. In this way, the sky acts as a metaphor for human emotion and mood, conveying a deeply personal and intimate response from the artist. 
These new paintings respond to the current moment in time, capturing the beauty of the Australian landscape, while simultaneously “exploring fear experienced from events out of our control”, the artist explains. Here the landscape’s language is distinct,  communicating drama in billowing clouds and ripples of light.  Dark treetops and faraway horizons invite contemplation of the land as a source of strength and calm as well as a template of emotional intensity.  Within each landscape, a strong feeling of presence accompanies the sense of tension that underlies the unknown. 


Wagner Contemporary 2020



                         2020 NEWS



            *2020 Lunar Year Lantern festival, 31 Jan  to 9 Feb 2020




            * 40 by 40 Project, 7 Mar to 25 March, Wagner Contemporary in Sydney

            * Muswellbrook Art Prize Finalists exhibition, Muswellbrook Regional Art Centre

            * John Leslie Art Prize Finalists exhibition, 18 July – 25 October 2020, Gippsland Art Gallery, Vic

            *'Natural Impact', solo exhibition, Wagner Contemporary, 27 June to 15 July, Sydney


            * Recent Works, Solo Exhibition, Linton and Kay Gallery, 5-27 September, Perth





               2nd September - 3rd October 2020

               Mitchell Fine Art, Brisbane Qld






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